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How Can You Develop A Razor Sharp Instinct Of When and How to Take Your Interactions with Women To Higher Physical Intensity – And The Ability To EXECUTE So That She Desires More??

The Secrets Of “Physical Game” You’ve Long Been Missing To Excite And Lead Women RIGHT NOW…


Students tell me, “Ozzie, I am struggling with getting the girl that I want and I feel like nothing I do will matter. I think it is a curse.”

This is so disheartening to me and I have dedicated my career to fighting this because I want to help the men who struggle.

Some of them have spent so much time at the bottom of the dating barrel that they don’t want to leave it.

Misery gets comfy.

Mostly, I have to yank them out of it. They think it is a curse.

Thus, since 2005, I have been developing a system of how to stimulate women and intensify the physical connection you have with women, and we have developed the most thorough step-by-step program designed to get women begging for more by knowing exactly how to touch a women and keep her interested, and we are releasing this program in a book that you will never forget.

One of the most commdon sticking points that I have seen from our students is a lack of knowing when and how to escalate the interaction into a more romantically physical interaction.

So, over the last several years, I have become one of the top Instructors in Real Social Dynamics, and I have been detailing my insights and cutting-edge techniques that I developed from years of bootcamps and crammed geared to help students get more physical with girls and converted them into an in-depth book that will hyper-start your success with women.

What is the most common reason that guys fail to get a girl?

It is usually because they fall into the friend-zone because they either have fear that if they escalate physically too fast with a women, they will lose her or they just do not pull the trigger on taking action with a girl physically when they need to.

Many guys think that they need to have amazing verbal skills, like Don Juan or Cassanova, and then a girl will suddenly swoon and her panties will drop; however, this is more often not going to happen because words without action is meaningless.

Thus, we have developed a way that you can overcome your fears by knowing what to do in order to take things physical with a girl, different ways you can get physical with a girl, and how you can learn and create new powerful tools to dissipate your fears and get the results you want.

There has never been a book so well focused with effective and practical techniques that can be used immediately to excite a woman by using the body language, touch, and kinesthetic side of seduction. The Physical Game will enhance all of your skills, abilities, and techniques that will be a part in your success with all the women you encounter.

Discover The Fastest Way To Master The Things You Need to Know…

To Consistently and Quickly Take Your Interactions with Hot Women Into a More Intimate, Sexual, and Physical Level

Get the Lessons on How To Become An Expert In Physical Escalation with Attractive Women

Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need to learn 1000 different things to get a girl you want into your bedroom…

The one thing you need to focus on is ACTION.

Picking up girls is often a simple act of walking up to and approaching a girl and she often will indicate interest or attraction within the first five minutes.

Even if you are just starting to practice walking up to girls to pick them up at the bars, girls will frequently show interest in you.

Oftentimes, our logical brain may say to us, “That can’t be true. It’s too good to be true.”

Many times, we convince ourselves that we must just sit and study more materials, read more books, and watch more seminars on dating before taking action so that we have a stronger game-plan before trying out what we learned so that we don’t risk rejection.

This is where fear comes in.

However, I will take you on a journey from not being able to talk to a woman to being able to walk up and start a conversation by talking about anything.

At the same time, I will show you how not to TRY to impress a girl when you first meet, but rather, to express who you are to her.

Foremost, I will teach you how to get physical…FAST.

Even within a minute of meeting a girl, you can get physical, sexually charge your interactions, and transform your typical dull and boring conversations with girls into attractive and exciting ones.

In my book, I will aid my explanation with real life examples and pictures…

Not only that, I will also recommend step-by-step drills I have designed over the years.

By getting more physically successful with the opposite sex, you will feel a general sense of confidence that will grow on you and it will make you become an attractive man. 

“You’re about to discover how to transform your interactions with women from disconnected to being emotionally in-tune with beautiful women…”

Let’s face it: if you don’t have a set of default responses when you talk to women in specific scenarios, you will frequently fall victim to those very scenarios.

Most guys have no default reactions to a girl rejecting their advances or being rude to them.

Thus, they become overly reactive and then a victim of circumstance.

However, you have a choice!

In reality, you can create your very own default behavior to any situation – from laughing your ass off, to saying thank you to her for being a good sport…

… you can create these choices because it is all about having your own agenda and enforcing it

If you have your own agenda – a set of default answers to situations, you can influence circumstances out there.

I often send a student back into a group of girls who had previously blown him off and, to his surprise, the girls accept him back and shower him with unprecedented attention.

Rather than being a victim of their agendas, we made a choice and influenced the circumstances by going back in.

You can sit down and plan how you are going to respond to everyday situations in a nightclub or other venue where you meet women during the daytime. But why waste your time? Instead, you can simply have an ACTION PLAN for everything that happens to you, and you will be ready to influence your situation and not let your situation influence you.

Most guys march into a nightclub or bar to approach women expecting that things will work out.

They have no real plan or proactive-ness on their side.

A pretty hopeless approach when you face the chaotic scenario of a club.

Therefore, in this book, I plan on making you proactive when you have to talk to girls in various circumstances and places. 

I want you to be ready and have an entire arsenal of default behaviors for every occasion.

As a result of this behavioral toolbox, you will feel confident and safe as you make your approach to a hot woman.

The Elements of PHYSICAL DOMINATION To Making Your Unhindered Goals A REALITY

When I throw the words “Physical Domination” into my seminars, it tends to cause a bit of a concern.

No, I don’t plan to beat women up with these techniques.

However, I do plan to teach you how to lead them physically, and I will have students immediately practice what I teach them on women in real-world scenarios.

Like I said earlier, women will not take responsibility for the physical escalation that happens between a man and a woman, so we must take charge.  

I always say that you want to be nice to a woman, but you also want to be firm – an apparent contradiction.

I don’t want you to go around manhandling women like a wrestler, but I do want you to be firm when you lead.

It means you must anticipate resistance on their side and be ready to plough through it.

You will encounter plenty of obstacles in becoming dominant with women. 

But experience has taught me when you break their resistance, women become much more attracted to you, so I will teach you:

This book will deal in depth with how to preserve your energy when you are in a nightclub or bar and make it last all night.

I will deal with how you can avoid the common energy draining pitfalls of approaching.

It’s key to becoming a top player at this game.

I also plan to walk you through all the steps from meeting a girl to taking her home that same night.

I will devote an entire section of my book to what’s called “pulling”.

I will make it easy and break it down for you step-by-step so that you can execute it any time you are out there.

Not only that, I will teach you how to have fun as you are doing it.

Listen to him talk – he seems to have a wall around his INNER game and it’s like his OUTER GAME that interacts with the chicks – strictly skillset. That’s how it should be – that’s how someone gets finely tuned at this stuff…

Now for Advanced guys, there are so many different levels to some of the things … and it would trigger a thought process…and even get me started on new ideas and models for the GAME.

Blake W., from Los Angeles, CA, USA

Overcoming Your Lack of Ability With Women To Truly Excite Her Due to a Lack of Physical Game Is Something That You Can Do Right Away

Whether you have been approaching women for a year or you are just starting off, this information can help you grow faster.

It will make guys who can already start conversations become far more deadly in the field.

Also, it will set guys who are just starting off on the right track and it will shave years off their learning curve.

But, if I am going to be straight with you, and get your trust from the get-go, I am going to have to disclose to you the secret of the dating world.

Most people believe that they must be masters before they can enjoy any type of results.

They believe that they must put in years of hard practice in nightclubs and bars and approach thousands of women.

Completely untrue!

You can get laid today without experience if you dare to apply what I am explaining here.

There have been guys getting laid on my live programs on the first night with zero experience.

So, will women allow a guy to walk up to them and start getting physical without retorting with some form of resistance?

Fear of rebuttal can deter many guys when they start walking down the physical path.

They dread women’s reactions or looking bad in front of others.

What if I told you women will take it and like it.

Hard to believe?

Based on my years of experience taking guys into nightclubs on live programs and my personal experience, I can guarantee nothing ever happens.

Empirical evidence shows worst case scenarios don’t happen.

In fact, women are waiting on you to make a physical move on them.

Yes, that’s right.

They are waiting for a confident dude to step in and take them for a physical ride.

In years of practice of Physical Game, aside from grabbing a guy’s hand and putting it off their body, women don’t reject a physical guy.

Exceptions confirm the rule.

Then, rebuttal must be an irrational fear embedded in our brain.

I have seen students pull off the craziest physical stuff with women in clubs...and the women absolutely LOVE it.

In all fairness, it seems as if they like it and want seconds.

Although Most Guys Believe Picking Up Girls Has to Deal with Genetics or Status, It’s Actually a Learnable Skillset

I teach weekend-in weekend-out on live “in-field” programs that transfer the ability to approach and attract women.

My work starts on Friday at 7pm and it is not over until Sunday evening.

Field work is done in clubs, bars, streets, shopping malls, etc.

After my programs, guys not only change in terms of getting more girls, but also transform their lives in the process.

Changes in this area tend to have a domino effect into others, like business, financial, mental health, physical health, and family relations. 

I don’t have all the answers.

I never claimed to have them.

I am not a self-proclaimed guru, nor do I endorse such behavior.

I am simply a coach.

I plan to teach you the gist of my experience – the very things on my program.

I decided this knowledge could help people if I put it in simple words and avoided all the jargon and Pick Up academia talk that I’ve seen on the internet and various pickup “sub-cultures”.

I thought I could create a guide for the layman because I think anybody can learn these things if they are simply put.

Over the years, and after teaching hundreds of guys around the world (if not thousands), I have developed tools and concepts, which will facilitate the process of how to pickup girls for regular guys.

This book contains the best advice I can give.

What if You are a Chump with Women?

I am not going to tell you the story of how I went from chump to champ – how I sucked at the beginning and how today I bed women three ways with ease.

I just think that kind of story has been rehashed so much it is not worth the effort.

But I can tell you that it can be done and it doesn’t take much.

In fact, I do it every weekend: I turn guys into approaching–machines capable of doing anything and everything.

Rather than indulging a bunch of “kiss and tell” stories, I will tell you how you can use the different techniques and tactics I coach on my programs.

Tactics that have already made many others successful.

I don’t want to give you the impression that that is only for a few guys with special talents or skills.

A guy like me – or anybody with success in this game – goes and repeats certain things, which at the end of the day or night make him successful.

Unlike amateurs, successful pros have a certain routine, a certain way of doing things they recycle and pay attention to.

Same when you learn how to pickup women.

You are going to have to learn a number of things and redo them every night.

Just like on a fishing expedition, you go out every night, throw the line and hook overboard and come home with some fish.

Most guys ask themselves how hard they must work before they can pickup girls for real.

Inexperienced as they come, the average guy enrolls in my program having never approached a single girl before.

He has no idea what he is getting into.

As it turns out, all students go through a process of positive transformations on a single weekend of bootcamp that take them from being insecure dudes to cool, confident males around the opposite sex.

Today, a whole new dawn of techniques, sophisticated drills, and self-actualization exercises will not only speed up your learning process, but also get you laid while practicing.

No more long string of rejections before you get laid.

No more tiresome practice of routines and openers.

Training wheels are off from day one with these new techniques and drills for teaching you how to pickup women.

We have stripped down unnecessary things, streamlined our teaching techniques, and dropped all unnecessary garbage to get you from points A to B faster.

Trying To Learn Only The Advanced “Ninja Moves” and Techniques Will Delay Taking Action and the Simple Truth of Picking Up Girls is …

Action is the number 1 key to success.

The difference between a success and failure in any aspect of life is speed of implementation, whether in business life or social life or dating life.

Doing something, approaching a girl by saying something dumb even, will get you started on this personal transformation.

Picking up girls can be defined as the simple act of walking up to a girl, and, plenty of times, a guy just walks up to a group of people and they have a girl interested in no time.

To get women (unlike defusing a nuclear bomb), you just need to apply the right actions; not vast amounts of sophisticated maneuvering.

Then again, we sometimes tell ourselves that if you study hard enough, read enough books and internet materials, and watch enough DVDs on how to pickup girls, then you might be able to get it right one day…maybe even perfect.

If you are thinking in that negative way, you are a victim of the rampant complication syndrome, which afflicts most guys in this game.

Most people think that in order to get good, they must learn lots of pickup lines, prepare funny and interesting things to say, and memorize a lot of tactics.

However, the results speak for themselves – guys with the most information finish last.

I will take you on a journey from not being able to talk to a female to being able to just walk up and start a conversation by talking about anything.

By digging into your essential self, we can find topics that we will use as conversation starters.

I will teach you not to try to impress a girl when you first meet, but rather, to express who you are.

I will teach you how to get physical at lightning fast speed.

You just need to make some new realizations. 

Would you be willing to realize that:

Now, if you identified with any of the truths above…CONGRATULATIONS! This means you’re on the right path…keep reading…

You Can Start Reaping the Rewards of Traveling Down Your Own Personal Road to Mastery with Women Right Away

Most guys ask themselves how hard they must work before they can pickup girls for real.

Back in the day, we used to tell newcomers that the first 2000 approaches don’t count.

However, our knowledge was very limited at the time.

Today, with the tools and information we possess, the actual learning time is irrelevant.

A newbie will get laid all the way to mastering these skills.

We used to teach a different type of game, full of memorization and performance related skills.

I now realize that I learned through years of personal practice and teaching that beginners can get laid as well as seasoned veterans .

You will need to have the freedom to make mistakes, learn your lessons, and watch your learning curve speed up.

Do you want to know more hidden truths of the art of picking up girls?

Well, inside the book, you will also find:

…and many more instantly usable tips and techniques to transition your actions to someone that is properly using Physical Game to get more attraction from women.

I Will Teach You All The Benefits of Physical Game

As a shortcut to sex, Physical Game can flip a girl’s emotions in your favor.

Those favorable emotions can be exploited with the different closing tactics I am going to give you, in order to make you dangerous out there.

Nothing speaks louder than leading a girl physically.

It can be considered your bridge, your missing link, and your key to tapping into a girl’s emotions.

Its crushing power in breaking through a girl’s defenses compares to that of a nuclear weapon.

Having such a power leads to choice in your sexual life.

Power to come into a club and know deep inside you can choose a girl you like and not get stuck with what you can get.

If you apply Physical Game hard over the course of a night with every girl you run into, there will be a number of girls who will pop – meaning they will form a strong interest in you and you will stand a good chance to get laid with them.

Your “pop window” will not be open forever.

When a girl pops, you have a limited time to close your deal.

You need to make a decision fast about whether you want her or not.

This book will serve useful to you as a guide.

I set out to write a practical book, the type of book that I wish I had when I started learning this game and was hitting my head against the wall more often than not.

In retrospect, all it takes is the right action and the development of new mindsets.
I took lots of wrong actions and followed theories that looked like quick fixes, but couldn’t stand the test of time.

Independently of the type of theory you follow today, I am sure this book will be of help or complement you in some way.

If you are a rookie, looking for shortcuts is detrimental to your practice.

Believing you can achieve any real growth without paying a price will delay your learning rather than favoring it.

Remember, once you decide on a plan of action, you must execute it.

So if you are ready to progress in the game, take a look at some of the keys to success that I explain in detail to readers of my book:

…and so much MORE!

So Here’s The Deal


Top-tier dating coaching programs are expensive and I'm consistently told by people that the life-changing contents in this book are worth at least a couple thousand dollars.

So the question is, are YOU willing to pay a couple thousand to get this handled?

You should be. Guys spend their entire lives trying to make money and build empires that will attract women, and I'm positive that it would be worth it to you.

Back when I was learning this stuff, I paid a lot more to travel all over the world seeking out anyone and everyone who had just a fraction of knowledge and ability to teach what we've tested, filtered out, and condensed to offer you here.

Regular professional coaching courses in any other field costs more than this.

A lifetime of purchasing books and tapes that claim to deliver you confidence costs more than this.

And the improvements in how you feel about yourself and the quality of your life (which is slowly ticking away by the day) can't even be given a monetary value because this is a life skill.

So yes, it would be more than worth it. But with all the "noise" out there, I want to be known for having the highest quality product and the best deal around.

I started teaching courses several years ago, and at that time what I was teaching was so unheard of (who knew that you could learn to get girls?) that I HAD to have the most ridiculously FOOL PROOF and ATTENTION GRABBING system available.

This is the reputation that's gotten me to where I'm at, and I've preserved it even now.

So that's why if you have enough desire and motivation to succeed - and you're willing to prove it by investing just $29.95 in yourself for the book, I'll will provide you with thousands of dollars worth of seduction secrets not available anywhere else.

I'll deliver you hours of dating strategies, and give you a solid step by step game plan that you can use immediately to meet more women...

RSD has been around longer than any other company that tries to teach you how to be good with women, and we're infinitely more thorough and geared to handle any type of student or situation because we've worked with such a wide range of people.

We are notorious for doing whatever it takes to get results for ourselves and the people who learn from us.

After years of reading our attendees' reviews and learning from their feedback it pleases me to no end that as far as producing results in students goes, we've developed a teaching style that is untouchable. Nobody else comes close.


Something I’ve always noticed is that people always love bonuses…

It just gives you that novel Christmas type feeling of unwrapping something new. And when they’re actually useful, it makes the deal that much sweeter. 

Remember… When you read "The Physical Game" you’ll finally have that VIVID UNDERSTANDING of how a guy who’s been pulling women for years lives the kind of crazy lifestyle that he leads – and how you can do it too.

You’ll walk away MOTIVATED AND INSPIRED because your mind will have VISUAL PROOF that it’s possible for an average guy to get hot girls from a totally cold approach.

And you’ll have the PRICELESS FEEDBACK that will strip years off of your learning curve and make a huge shift in how other people see you.

But to add some more cool features to this already VALUE SATURATED program, I’ve thrown in a few bonuses that you’ll get a lot out of as well.


I'll also send you TWO FREE audio seminars from the brand new RSD MASTERMIND course.

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Here's how it works - order The Physical Game and I'll throw in TWO FREE seminars packed with brand-new 'how to' material to blast you past those sticking points. That's right, FREE.

If (when) you love these seminars, hold onto them and stay subscribed. Every month you'll get another cutting edge 'All Questions Answered' RSD Mastermind seminar and you'll be automatically be charged only $24.95. You can cancel anytime with no hassles and no questions asked.

These seminars are worth easily $200 EACH, and they're yours for FREE for getting The Physical Game... that's how seriously we take your improvement.

So don't wait on this. We’re highly protective of your privacy so purchase information and receipt confirmation is emailed to you and kept confidential.

You’ll have the opportunity to absorb all the vital knowledge and absolutely crucial skills that you need to make a real identity level change and have the kind of lifestyle upgrade that will have your friends in disbelief.

Stop dabbling with half measures and integrating bad habits that you’ll have to unwire later (or like most guys that you’ll never unwire).  If you keep doing the things you’ve always done you’ll continue to get the results you’ve always gotten. 

Do what it takes. MAKE the time. There’s always an excuse and life is ALWAYS busy, but it’s a lot more fun to be busy with a skill set that allows you to get hot girls and dominate your social scene.

I have such unwavering confidence in this program because I’ve gone to such painstaking effort to refine it and cram it with value. 

I’ve been very picky and surrounded myself with only the most phenomenally talented people, and I know that if you come in with a positive attitude and ready to learn that you’ll take such a massive level of value home with you.

Be ready to have a great time, and a REALITY SHATTERING experience learning from my own personal field experience and references, and I will TRANSFER ALL OF MY SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE to you as quickly and easily as humanly possible.

If you’ve got the desire to do whatever it takes to get this handled, and the will to work on this together, sign up now while it’s still hot in your mind and use our combined years of teaching experience to get you exactly to where you want to be.

Ok.  So we've done everything we can to make this accessible to you, even though the VALUE of this book will MORE than exceed the cost.

Good enough yet??

How about, as a special bonus for buying this book, I'll also send you TWO FREE audio seminars from the brand new RSD MASTERMIND course.

(An upcoming monthly program where myself and the RSD crew will answer your most hardcore, field-specific questions in meticulous detail).



I’m So Sure That You Will Love This Program That I’m Willing To Do Something That Nobody Else Is Willing To Do By Offering a Full Money Back Guarantee...

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your own personal copy of The Physical Game, I’ll refund your money. It’s that simple. FULL REFUND.

No catches.  No nonsense.  I only ask one thing.

Read the ENTIRE book. You will get so much value that you’ll be dying to race out the door to the nearest bar, and hit up the first stunning woman you see.

But if you were raised on the moon, and if you don't agree, just let me know what went wrong and make sure I receive the course(s) back from you within 30 days of your purchase - I'll be happy to issue you a refund. All I ask is that the course (s) you return are as you received them - no scratches, dents, fingerprints, handwriting, or other damage to the discs, binder, or powerpoint slide printoffs.

I just cannot think of any other way to POSSIBLY make it easier or more low risk for you.

When you order, you'll be taken to a secure order page where you can get your own copy of The Physical Game-  (just use a valid credit or debit card for your order - you can pay by mail or PayPal, as well – we’ll send you the program as soon as it’s cleared).

Once you get it, go through it from beginning to end. You will see INSTANTANEOUS RESULTS, and you WILL start sparking more rapid attraction with hot women.

Read The Physical Game RISK-FREE. If you decide that it's not for you - for ANY REASON – just make sure I receive it back from you within 30 days of your purchase and that the product is in the condition as described above.  Done.

If (WHEN) you love the program, you’re going to be so psyched that you made the right choice.

I truly want to help you get the women you deserve. I get emails every day from guys who’ve had their lives changed by this advice.  They’re enjoying success they never thought possible. I want to see you get these results too.


Now is the best time to get this area of your life handled so signup now and set yourself on a path of momentum towards the success you've always wanted with beautiful women in your life.

Your Dating Success Coaches and Friends,
Real Social Dynamics

P.S. I guarantee that you will find no program that is better for you in your education on success with attracting and dating women.